I have over 46 years of driving experience and for the last 12 of those years I have been putting that experience to good use by teaching people of all ages and abilities to drive. Although learning to drive is a serious business, I believe it should be carried out in a relaxed manner that encourages the pupil to stay calm, to allow them to anticipate and prepare for the huge variety of circumstances they will face.

To achieve this I prefer to spend as much time driving as possible, from the first lesson to the last. This approach allows the pupil to meet many more varied and interesting circumstances in a contolled environment (under instruction).

As a result of this philosophy I believe that, after passing their test, pupils are able to continue to learn on their own from every new experience they might meet, in a safe and controlled manner and therefore, they are more able to enjoy their driving and the many advantages that come with it.


That's Stevie Bosley, he achieved a first time pass with zero minors. I think I was more proud than him.

Recently heard he's also passed his trailer test.