The services I provide are:-

  • Sliding scale rates;-  1 hour @ £25.00 - 1.5 hour @ £3500 and 2 hours lessons @ £46.00. As the pupil's skills improve, we will need to travel to other areas in particular to W-S-M where their test is likely to be, we therefore need to do longer lessons. To encourage this, the hourly rates are reduced. Lessons longer than 2 hours are charged at that £22.00 per hour rate.

  • Vouchers;- Vouchers are available to give as  Birthday or Christmas gifts.

  • Theory test preparation;-  Theory practice  and mock tests can be taken online by invitation via ”theorytestpro”  which is available free of charge to the pupil. Or through the official DSA website. Follow the links to the DSA via   In car "Lap top" tuition for the hazard perception element of the theory test is available to develop the skills required.  

  • Motorway lessons;-   Motorway driving is a different style of driving to that required to pass your driving test. The whole time spent driving on a motorway involves overtaking or being overtaken and at much higher speeds. A guided introduction to this style of driving is a big step towards being safe on the motorway and towards opening up the whole motorway network. (rates for motorway lessons are not discounted)

  • Pass Plus;-   This course will broaden the experience of the new driver in areas such as;- City centre driving, motorway driving, night time driving, country road driving and route planning, poor weather driving and dual carriageways. Somerset county council provide additional courses on road safety. for details visit their website at;- 

  • The Pass plus scheme is a well proven benefit towards road safety, it can also lead to financial rewards. Some of the well known insurance companies still recognise the value of the Pass Plus scheme by  giving the newly qualified driver a discount on their 1st years premium. 

  • Refresher lessons.   Some people, having been away from driving for a while, may feel the  need for a few refresher lessons. Others may wish to update their skills, that's fine. It is my experience that most people are surprised at how little they havelost and after a relatively short time they soon recover the confidence to return to driving.

  • Ongoing Support. Don't hesitate to get in touch for any help, advice or information regarding your driving. From time to time this site will display information that you might find useful.