Useful Links and Information

  • Are you revising for your theory test? Do you have an iPhone? Check out the official DSA theory test apps:
  • is a good revision site to help with your theory test preparation
  • For advice on the "New Theory test" (23rd January 2012) visit;-
  • For what to do when you hear the sirens or see those blue lights;-
  • To book your Theory and Practical tests use;- follow the link, learn to drive. (Avoid "searching" for the DSA website, you could be directed to a booking service that will charge twice the price for something you can do yourself.)
  • Read the theory test appointment letter thoroughly for the correct documentation and/or forms of identification you should take with you to test. If you have a plastic photo-card style licence, you only need the plastic licence (but you should keep the paper counterfoil in a safe place).
  • Further links and information can be found at;-
  • To find the Taunton Theory Test Centre use. Victoria House, Victoria Street, TA13FA
  • To find the Bristol Theory Test Centre use. Third Floor North Building' Crescent House, Temple Back, Bristol, BS1 6EZ.
  • For the Practical pre-test safety check questions, click on "Show me-Tell me Questions.pdf" below.
Show me-Tell me Questions.pdf Show me-Tell me Questions.pdf
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